I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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16 June 2017

Coming Soon The habibi Hats!!

Hello Darlings,

Fashion is everything to me.  I am excited about this fashion project. God said "Use what you have, Hadascha". That's exactly what I am doing. I cannot wait to bring this personal style and inspiration to you guys. ( This is a testimony that I will speak more about too) 

“The HABIBI Hats” from our Yacht Label. It epitomizes where casual wear meets glamour. It is a new spin on what casual wear should look like for the modern day fancy woman, inspired by the designer’s own appreciation for the 1950s, Arabic woman and Afrocentric cultures. This is a merge of different worlds coming together. 

I will elaborate more on it once it is officially launched. Stay tuned!


22 May 2017

My short stories. David and Lucy.

These short stories are my vulnerable spot. This is unedited. Very Raw. Very Unfinished. Thoughts and words coming together. So enjoy the read. 

David: Oh goodness here she comes in the living room, let me pretend to read the paper.

David crosses his legs on his favorite love seat. This chair was passed down from five generations of hard working men.  His father gave it to him as a house-warming gift; the moment he bought the house for his family.

Lucy: David, are you going to help me with the children? I need help please.

David: Do you not see me doing something?  I am busy Lucy.

Lucy: I slaved all day, David, please help me put them to bed that’s all I’m asking from you.

David: Oh my goodness (with a chuckle) I cannot take this right now, I am leaving, I just sat here to relax and you are bothering me about children. Go put them to bed, there is only five of them.

Lucy: Did I climb on top of myself and make them by myself. You have not put them to sleep since they were babies. That’s all I am asking David, at least put the baby to sleep.

David: I’ll see you later, do not wait up for me, you’ll do great putting them to sleep.

Lucy stares at David with tears in her eyes of exhaustion. This man that she loves so much, she doesn’t remember when he became so cold towards her.

David: You need rest your self; you look tired.

The next morning:

David comes in the house at seven am. Happy and whistling. He pours himself coffee and makes his way to his bedroom.  He opens the door to see Carly, in the bed.

David: Carly, wake up! what is going on? why are you here? where is my wife? How did you get in?

David runs to the children bedrooms and sees them all empty except one, the one where his daughter with Carly was sleeping. David stands there confused; he turns slowly, as he looks at Carly in the hallway.

David: Where is lucy? Is this some joke? (screaming)

Carly: You have a wife named Lucy? Are you okay David?

David: How did you get in?

Carly: What are you talking about? You left me the keys, you told me where in the text. Seriously David, are you okay? The house is gorgeous David. I cannot believe you bought this for us.

David: I did what? What text?

Carly hands over the phone to David; David reads the text messages confused. Wondering what is happening with his life in a blink of an eye.

David throws Carly’s phone screaming: I did not write this to you!

Carly: David please calm down, you’re going to wake up the baby.

David: I’m going to call my wife

Carly: What wife are you talking about?

David: Carly I’m married, with five other children, so I need to find my wife.

Carly: but what about our life, our family, and us.

David: you’re just another part of me; I’m not doing this with you right now, I need to find my wife and kids.

Carly: But you have a daughter with me, so you did not buy this house for us and you have a whole other life outside of me and your daughter. You’re a sick man David.

David and Carly stare at each other in disgust, as David dials Lucy’s number.

Lucy picks up the phone

With a bit of sadness she answers “Hello”

David: Is this some sick joke! Where are you and the kids? What did you do? What is going on? How did you know about Carly and the baby? Dammit Lucy! Where are you?

Choking up with tears, Lucy’s words were few: Goodbye David

David: Lucy stop it! Where are you? Where are my kids? Baby Please!

As David screams in the phone with only the dial tone to respond back at him

Cher Fashion Icon

I mean what is there not to love about Cher! 
Bold | Confident | Sexy | Care-free

14 May 2017

I am Mommy!

                     As I reflect on my pregnancy and being a mom to a vibrant one year old... I have to say my pregnancy was horrible on every front; emotionally, mentally, physically,  I did not enjoy pregnancy. I did not have a smooth one at all. Every fear of why I did not want to ever be pregnant came true. It was a dark time for me.

( I do know one thing though. If you have no experience in going through a journey such as pregnancy and you are giving advice to a woman that is pregnant and going through trials in her life at the same time. Please let your advice be a good one, one that cheers her on, one that puts everyone around her in line or be quiet. Because soon you will be in the hot seat too, and good luck to you. It is not easy for most woman.)

Pregnancy humbled the heck out of me! I appreciate my mother so much more!
                     Leading up to giving birth to her was traumatizing emotionally. What a woman has to go through! You are suffering going through pain emotionally and physically and your baby feels the emotions. I reflected in the hospital room, what type of mother I would want to be. I knew growing up, that children were out of the picture for me. Now here I am, about to push out a baby girl! Me! God allowed me to be someones mom? What a beautiful responsibility. I could not believe it. I went through a hurtful pregnancy ( I was sick the whole time and so sensitive)...asking God why did I have to go through a pregnancy this way?

                  We have to go through pain, it's a part of life. You love harder and stronger. My bond with my baby is so heavenly, because I went through something with her since in the womb. She heard me cry, she heard me laugh...now going through the final pain of pushing her out! Was extraordinary! 

They gave me epidural but I had to let it wear off because I started to get a bad reaction from it. I was so tired of pushing, but so excited to see her. When she came, I said "a human was in me?" There is a God!  

                A man and a woman carry life in them. When we join together to make life, it is not to be taking lightly. The pain a woman has to suffer through during pregnancy and now during child birth is so high. Child birth is the most dangerous thing a human being can put themselves through and yet the most magical phenomenon. A woman deserves to be celebrated, to be valued, and to be taking care of properly during and after giving birth. Especially a good woman, that wants to work hard to be a great mother.

 It's sad to say, anyone can give birth, it's true. But an excellent mom deserves a lot of love for the child's sake. 

             For couples out there! Men the least you can do is help be pregnant too. What do I mean by that? Your support level during the pregnancy means so much. Just be available ( it doesn't mean all the time) but be there as a good support system. The little things count. It says so much about your character. You are dad the moment she says "we are pregnant." How a man treats his child's mother says so much about your fatherhood and vice a versa. It shows, hey, this is how you are suppose to treat a woman or be treated as a woman. It does not matter if you are together or no longer together, respect goes a long way on both sides. Starting with the pregnancy.

I thank the men that celebrate their woman through the process.

               I am mommy now! We are raising a black little girl in America. Why do I say that? Well the odds are against her according to society. I want her to always believe  in herself, that she can be at the top, with hard work and dedication. I need my daughter to know that a man should not ever hush her voice but celebrate it and find ways to elevate it. She will always know that her parents hearts, ears, and our door will always be open to her with no harsh judgment. 

               As her mom I want to tell her to always hold her head high. No matter what lies are spread about her, what people might say or think about her, or what man broke her heart. She has strength inside of her. I want to show and give my daughter the most precious gift out there. I want to introduce her to God every day. To know she can fight every battle, enemy and accomplish everything on her knees. All I can do is ask God how to be her mom and guide her. I want to be half the mom, my mom is for me.

             I would go through all the pain all over again, knowing I would be rewarded with my little girl. The wobbling, the weight gain, the sweating, the emotions, the pain, the sleepless nights (that won't ever end till the day you die, I know because I keep my mom up at the age of 28), the crying, the vomiting, the stretch marks, your hormones are out of whack.....etc!!!!!! I would do it again and again. It's called love. When you would take a bullet, when you would walk for miles, when you will hunt to get food, when you will do whatever it takes for a smile and a hug. It's called unselfish love. You do not want anything back for your hard work but just to see the other person happy and to see them grow into a wonderful person. I would go through pain again for her, knowing that I get a "hi mommy"at the end of it. I just want to be her mom and I love my new name "mommy."  So grateful to God that he trusted me to be our daughter's mom. 

Thank you dad's, family, and friends for your support. Because it does take a village.


                                                   "One photo with mommy please baby!"
                                                       Conversation with One year old

Meditation: "...you can't even enjoy what God has given you..."

"You can't even tell that you have is good." Your surroundings will see it, your enemies will see it, your friends will see it, but you can not. You are allowing the evil around to block your mind and sight.  "There are thoughts killing your marriage, there are thoughts killing your success."...Give it to God.

"You can make a bad thought obey"

This sermon touched my heart, may it touch yours. Enjoy your blessed day.