I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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31 October 2010

Weekend Mess...and still laughing

My weekend was such a mess! lol This weekend was Ft. Lauderdale fashion week (their version of it south Florida style) I was so excited to go and someone was in the area that I really wanted to see. I got booked for a fashion show on Saturday night and a photo shoot for Sunday in Miami. However, I was really looking forward to Friday evening, at the boat show where a fashion show would take place and get to see over million dollar yachts. To top it off, Friday was suppose to be with  a certain someone, that I was looking forward to see and of course attend the event with this person. The thoughts in my head were fabulous, I was suppose to have my little work vacation and be on a yacht with a gentleman.

It did not happen that way at all! My vacation was ruined. I went to Ft. Lauderdale with a friend, we did not leave on time, allowing me to miss the yacht event with the fabulous fashion, oh and not be with the gentleman. I ended up going with my friend to a wake (one of her family members died) great way to start a weekend that was suppose to be fabulous.

Then I caught a slight fever (which I didn't want to freak out the guy more then I already have, so he doesn't know this part).

Friday evening I txt the gentleman the address to come pick me up for church, so I added a extra letter at the end of it, which made him think I meant something else. He ended up on  the wrong side of town. Finally he got to me and I could already tell he was thinking this girl is 'crazy' ( oh mentioned ruined his schedule on Friday and didn't attend the boat show). Way to go HADASCHA! .

Went to church Saturday, which was perfect, the people were great and message was wonderful "You are worthy, if you don't think you are worthy and then who will. We are worthy and to come to God and ask for our hearts desires and allowing him to take our burdens off of our backs will make all the difference in the world." my summary of the sermon.

Didn't end up going to the fashion show I was a little out of it and had a headache, but I wanted to make up my Friday afternoon and hope for a great Saturday. Saturday night was nice though, crazy people walking in their weird Halloween outfits out clubbing, had the gentleman and I laughing. Dinner was Hooters lol the view was gorgeous, it was a window less restaurant, so the breeze of the ocean was our a/c. Hearing the ocean and looking at it, over Hooters wings was great lol

Walking out on the beach after dinner Priceless.

Got a new nickname for the weekend it didn't go as far as 'crazy" but it was 'looney" ( I think it's the same thing) but well deserved lol

I love my shoes that I wore Saturday night!


  1. I love that shoe, but my question is: you already are tall so what do you need those 3 inches for? LOL
    But I really love it, good choice.

  2. I think I'm short! I am short! They're actually 5 inches lol I love them. It feels like I'm on another level with the platform.