I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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23 November 2010

The Forbidden Length

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This white Skirt that i'm wearing is over my knees in fashion that's a sin! it's either above or to the floor..but knee caps have to be showing so the length should be directly at the knee for that 1950-1960 look. 

I  rebelled and wore the forbidden length. I love it here. The skirt has a fitted waistline and pockets to keep it up to date. I belted it to accent my waist even more. As you can see i'm covered from head to toe. Yes ladies you can be fully covered to go to church and still look good!

I adore my Marilyn Monroe purse. It was a gift from my aunt. 
My sis is also wearing the forbidden length. I do not recommend you wear this length with flats actually don't wear it at all if having trouble finding the full ensemble, find help or ask for an opinion. Here it works on her, for the place where we were at (church) plus her confidence rocked it. 
I love how she paired her outfit with silver shoes. This outfit is more on the nautical side of fashion. 

The shoes I wore with my outfit. Love!

Pictures taking from my black berry.