I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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02 November 2010

JLD! Jersey Little Dress

Well if you didn't know I go to a fashion school for design and merchandising and I love this mini dress I made.  Casual just got dressed up. Jersey and Satin birthed the JLD. It's from my little line Nautasy ( fantasy and nautical). I wanted to create a dress that you can wear on a yacht or to a beach dinner and be casual and comfortable with a sexy flare.
Don't mind the funny face or the big eyed kiss face, playing around with my little sis..My little sister took the pictures.


  1. I like the dress Girlie! -Alana-

  2. So you making me love your page. lol
    To be real, i love the dress matching your hair and make up but i saw you better with gold shoes or silver but that is me.
    Keep it up girlie and you'll go far with it!

  3. I hate to match for my personal style if it was someone else I still wouldn't let it match to much, a hint of silver in the shoes, embellishment that is silver on top of white shoes, or nude shoes. (I have on no makeup, so I like your compliment, thank you doll)lol