I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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25 January 2011

A peek of what Casual Wear is for me at school.

So I attend a fashion school in Florida. I dress mostly conservative during the week however still keeping in mind what looks good on my body. School to me is a job so I look professional mostly everyday. How I dress really affects how I feel, so I like to keep that business mind set. Though I have been spotted at school with basket ball shorts and tank top and heels. Yeah enough said!

So this is me at my aunts house coming from school! (excuse the hair got frizzy with the hurricane like weather out side)
I do not wear makeup during the week, mostly bronzer if needed. Today it was needed, but oh well
you beautiful people will see my flaws and all

My Grandma Glasses
So my prescription glasses remind me of my grandmother's glasses and with the chain that she had around them. So I bought these 'Oliver  Peoples' Optical glasses because it reminded me of her so much. I love the nude color of the glasses and how it blends with my skin complexing. 

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