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23 February 2011

Beyonce is Dark Skin?

Beyonce is on the March issue of L'Officiel Paris, However it's the beautiful cover that has everyone fired up it's the photo inside magazine that making everyone has ants in their pants.
The magazine is celebrating its 90th anniversary, and Beyonce marks the occasion with an homage to Nigerian musician and humanitarian Fela Kuti;
Not everyone is a fan of the editorial vision and tribute to Kuti; the image simultaneously inspires and provokes supposedly.

I personally think it's a beautiful thing unlike
Charing Ball, a writer at the Atlanta Post, blasts the fashion industry's recent obsession with blackface as an accepted form of racism passed off as art. "Blackface is not fashion forward or edgy and, in my opinion, it is just flat-out offensive," writes Ball, incriminating Beyonce in perpetuating the offense.
"It's one thing to feel moved by Fela Kuti, and quite another to treat blackness as a fashion accessory, like a pair of glittery heels you put on because it looks cool," Jezebel's Dodai Stewart adds.

My mother has darker skin then I do, people actually think that she had me with a caucasian man. I love her darker skin complexion I think it's so beautiful. I use to sit in the sun for hours and try to tan to get darker.
The tribute and the idea around it I think was lovely.

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