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13 March 2011

Thou Shall Pose On The Sabbath

I'm not saying that church is all about the fashion, however people can't help but to turn things into a fashion show. Some people say "oh I don't like how people put so much focus on what they wear when they go to church" however they put on their best for Obama! ( I would too!). However the phrase "come as you" are pertains to personality and your sins so he can wash you white as snow.

I will come with my best to church, with a humble heart and mind, not looking down on anyone else around me. If he  provides me with the best I will thank him for that. People have different motives on why they wear certain clothes to church. Maybe it is to show off, that doesn't concern me, what concerns me is my state of mind and why I'm coming not to disturb others worship or to show off but to give thanksgiving to my creator and king. I don't go to church for people, because they're breathing like me and can die like me. So one day they're here one day they're not. My priority is where am I going when I wake up for the second coming.

People can take what I wear and twist their words about me I don't care. This is where I care, If I'm dressing like a slut to church, the 'I want to get laid by the pastor attire'/ let me sit in the front row with my tight skirt or breast hanging out attire. If I'm disturbing someone's  worship to flatter self, it's not fair and selfish. So yes when people come up to you and pull down your skirt and say don't wear that to church again, it's not out of jealousy, they think what you're doing is rude and it is. The horrible attitude of " Don't look at me then, if you have a problem with what I'm wearing" is disgusting.  If you don't know how to dress to go to church, then stay home and watch TBN!

A young man might be struggling with porn and coming to church to stop his addiction and live a good life with God, but here this woman comes not leaving anything to the imagination and he could have just stayed home. Ladies stop being selfish when it comes to your attire at church. I use to have the same nasty attitude " the who cares, they can look away!" It's not fair and not nice.

I'm not saying to dress like a nun but you know what to wear, that's beautiful, nice and still flatters your body. Half of the things ladies wear to church they wouldn't wear to work. So come correct or go home!

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