I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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28 April 2011

I AM Pledge

Sometimes we feel lonely as if know one is there is listen or we feel outcast. The their is those of us who have gone through the struggles and want to lend out their hand to others so they don't feel discourage. We all have a story and have a voice to share. IAMPledge allows people to come together as one and take a pledge to voice out who they are,what they stand for, the love and struggles of life. So I encourage you to take this stand this pledge in your life.

"IAMPledge"   Be a voice in the midst of millions. We go through so much in life and feel like we are all alone but you're not. Here at this blog you can express your self and share to others your story.

We will be posting videos of people going through struggles and triumph. Posting pictures of people in their community and the differences that they are making. Posting stories and thoughts as well.

Thank you for visiting I AM Pledge blog. We can not wait to hear your story and your pledge to life, self, and what you stand for.

Be Blessed


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