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09 May 2011

I AM: I don't trust your "I love you"

Most likely it's because I hold things in all the time or I do not share my feelings or nor do I know how to express myself well yet I'm honest. When you ask me to speak I might hesitate for awhile but when you ask me again to open my mouth I will vocalize everything that I  have to say to you/ about us ( friendship/relationship). Some men  that I know all they are known to do is be loquacious. There is a lot of colloquy going on with out any truth in the actual conversation between men and women.

I liked this guy and I believed that he so called "liked me" however he would say "I love you" I never said it back because that's a intense statement. However though I might not say it much I show it, at-least try to. You can't just say the phrase like that, there needs to be security in the words I love you, a  need from the other person, not butterflies for it sounds good but tears of joy for it's longevity.

 I don't ever want to settle with just any person. There are steps in a relationship where things can be worked out just some things you step back and question is worth the work.

I believe that God put good men In my life and I learned from each relationship and each person.  They're are seasons and a lifetime.

What I usually do is say "God here is the person okay", I never prayed before the actual relationship like my mother would tell me. The the red flags go up and I ignore and then I can't ignore anymore on my part and his and I leave. I don't want to ignore again. I want to question it and see if I want to deal with it. I want to question myself and see if I'm acting right.

It's time that I take care of self. That goes to women and men before they enter into a serious relationship. If I don't have myself together I have no business going into any relationship right now or worrying if "I love you" is real. Though it's sad I think people use and abuse that phrase. So I don't trust it most of the time and ACTION!

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