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19 May 2011

I AM The Woman I want to wear the Dress!!

 Lately the roles seem to be changing, men are acting more like girls and women want to wear the pants. The authoritative role that women crave shouldn't be in the relationship, there is a difference in putting your foot down for certain things in a relationship then actually being controlling. Being a CEO at work should not overwhelm your partner, you shouldn't have to take charge all the time unless you married a man/date a man that acts like a girl. If that is the case then a serious conversation needs to take place.

 I'm deserving of a man that wears the pants, I want that boss mentality at work, I want to wear the dress in a relationship, I want to charge with certain things, but a man should be a man. (then act like a baby in my arms lol). I'm not going to lie though I love to take charge all the time, I do love control and I like to know the next step and move, so to be with someone who puts there foot down in a kind not controlling manner is refreshing.

We can bring it as far as before you get into a relationship. I'm only picking up the tab for myself, if I offer to pay i'm not interested I wanted to leave (unless in a relationship). I want to believe that chivalry is not dead. that opening a car door for a lady still exist ( not all the time but here and there is nice), I feel that a woman should conduct herself like a princess, you do not need a tiara on top of your head to act like royalty and a man should act like a prince. It's a not a fairy tale it's principal. I'm not saying life is like Cinderella. I'm saying respect your self and give respect to the other gender, before you become a King and Queen of a house hold.

A woman shouldn't have to go out of her way all the time (here and there take turns) to go see a man, unless no vehicle. ( then again that's on you and your circumstances, that's life sometimes) Besides that if a woman is breaking her neck to go see a man or calling all time "when are you coming over" " When is our next date" " Are you going to be in town" then he got to go, that's not right, or just leave the guy alone. When he feels that he should make the next move then that's on him. If you leave the guy alone and see that he is not calling, it was you calling all the time then TAKE A HINT! vs versa

A woman should be independent, should be able to take care of herself and shouldn't need a man, when on her own. However God didn't create Eve by herself. So doll you shouldn't have to settle for less because God didn't give Eve less but the best. If your with /attracted to a man that is passive aggressive then encourage him to his better potential, with out being controlling. If he is not even trying to take the first step then counseling or it's up to you if you like wearing the pants and he likes wearing the dress.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post!!! It is true in many ways and I want you keep up with the good work ^_^!!!