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Coco Chanel
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28 June 2011

Blake Lively at Green Lantern's Premiere in L.A. also Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend!

Black Lively in White Chanel

In an interview in 2008, Blake, who used to have posters of Leo on her bedroom wall, admitted: 
‘I had a premonition when I was nine that I'd marry Leonardo DiCaprio.'
And if what Leo's mates are saying is anything to go by, she's bang on track with her ambition.
‘He's really, really into Blake,' says one pal. ‘He's been saying he's never felt like this before and it's taken him by surprise. He's very happy.'    (Now magazine)

‘She's played Leo to perfection,' reveals our source.
‘She left him in Cannes with models all over him and let him get on with it while she went off on a cooking holiday to Paris and totally ignored him.
'She didn't call and pretended she didn't care, which just intrigued him even more.
'She kept him at arm's length until he couldn't take it any more.
'He's fallen for her massively.'

Blake's Rules
1 Don't call him and rarely return his calls.
2 Always end phone calls and dates first.
3 No more than casual kissing on the first date.
4 Don't rush into sex - wait at least three dates.
( I say wait even longer, keep teasing, keep him wanting more)
5 Be honest but mysterious. (  I SAY: Most men love mystery, if he doesn't want a challenge he is lazy and wants a whore meaning he doesn't want you doll! so keep it moving to someone who deserves and loves a good chase for a little awhile (not a long time), if he leaves just don't give in, wait a little, reveal a little when it comes to your feelings towards him but be honest if interested, if you're wasting his time don't do that it's not nice)

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