I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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25 October 2011

A Dreamer in life....

I day dream all the time about the oddest things. What would I say if I ever met Karl L., YSL, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, even Coco Chanel.... all the legends of the past and the present for I daydream that I am part of the fashion movement for the future.

A dreamer is beautiful a person!  but it is who makes sure their dreams come true that becomes the inspiration.

People don't see the starvation, lack of sleep, sweat, bills and etc they see the glamour of everything in the forefront, therefore their hard work is  unappreciated for people think it is easy. "Easy" a word for the non thinkers and non dreamers in life, a word for those who don't want to work but who want to use. You work hard for others to then say she/he is now stock up, a class higher than me so they must think they are better.

Better than you "no"  a better dreamer "yes" a class higher "yes" they worked hard to get there. I appreciate the good hustlers in life. The road is not smooth it is scary, lonely, and despression with out God. With God it is fullfilling therefore you realize that you die with nothing, so you know that money isn't everything. You're not useing it in the grave. However when you're living why not enjoy the finer things in life. I'm a princess my father is a king therefore I work hard to some day enjoy life with family and family friends.

Fashion is a part of me, I breath it, live it, if I could eat it I would. Fashion Design is where I find happiness and story telling in clothes. I get to share a part of me. So I dreamt of Paris to learn and to really live couture and fabrics, to walk the streets that Coco Chanel once dreamed on. So now here I am I moved to Paris...where God will lead I do not know ( you know the saying God opens doors) I know my door is a Gold door with a pink diamond handle on it...I can dream can't I!

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