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14 October 2011

Hair treatments: Keratin Smoothing Lotion

Of course a lot of you Dolls have heard about different Keratin treatments how they temporally straighten or tame curly hair to eliminate the frizz.
The formula in the Brazilian Keratin I don't want in my hair, unless it's only the keratin since it's not. There are other Keratin treatments that are good. It's great protein put back into the hair and does help with shine and frizz.

My hair is curly and needs a lot of moisture because last year I did something that should have me bald right now. I bleached my hair blond ( I was 4 different shades of blond) then red on top of the blond and then brown on top of that back to back. So to straighten my hair for it not to look dry was a bit difficult until I started to make my own hair treatment remedies however that didn't temporally eliminate the frizz. So I've been trying different products. For those who are natural you know straighten your hair during the summer is not fun your hair turns into a puff ball.

So I bought this Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Lotion at Sallys. I poured in a bit of Argan Oil in the same bottle to protect my hair from heat and for more moisture, then I shook it together and asked my hair stylist to put in my hair before going underneath the hair dryer.

Day 1 of no frizz-let's see day 2 and 3 soon.

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