I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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03 November 2011

Concrete Metal Runway in Paris

                 Hello Paris Night

                My new Car ..with so many seats and I'm not
                         selfish if you need a ride
           I'll send my driver to come and get you 

                                                  Underground Jungle

         Hi this is my Mother she is addicted to corn   
                          Catch me if you can

Hustle Staircase

Concrete Tears

                                       American Parisian Woman        

     Where are we going....just get on the right train.

                          The right train..watch your step

                      If windows could tell stories

                         Hello Lady Hello soon-to-be-woman

                               Smile More..She likes my car

                                          Grandma Looks Beautiful!

                                      Is your reflection just as beautiful

                                                     A piece of me

          I'll dream with you..I'll be your night light

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