I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel
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06 November 2011

Take your First Lady Styles to church.

I know it's God who gives and taketh away & let his Holy name be praised. A lot of Ladies wear the oddest things to churh you can't bring club wear to church it is very tacky. It doesn't mean you dress like a nun to church it's not your role but you dress with taste
 like a lady. Once I wore a skirt, I ran out the house & once I got to church my friend's face changed I looked down & was shocked my skirt was so short I walked around like a retard wearing my friend's blazer around my legs.

It's not a good look being a street walker at church, I believe in wearing your best to church for He gives us the best. So whatever is your best you wear it. You can be very fashionable while still maintaining a First lady Style at church.

Know one needs to see1-800s numbers walking around in a Holy place.

Bisous Dolls

Fix your dress before sitting down if it rides up like this at church.