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10 November 2011

Tie Dye on Cotton fabric for samples: My first time!

This is my first time ever doing tie dye on anything. For all my three years studying fashion i never had the interest of actually doing it we got taught how too, but I never cared for it.

Now studying for my masters in fashion, one of my classes is printing, we had to tie dye for homework to learn how the process goes. later on we are going to scan it, put it on the computer to change it to different colors so it can become a print to put on any type of fabric.

                                                             Help please.

I'm following youtube videos and what they told me to do at school lol

Hot water, salt, the dye and just stirring it
The colors i'm using are water colors (i think that's how you say that)

This is the product I found in Paris at BHV ( best one stop store ever 5 floors!)

My 100% cotton samples, that I tied up to make my designs


I did it!

The next day dried up! love the colors (and again you can change the colors once scan into the computer).. I dyed 5 so far, so i have alot more colors to sample that was just a test. I'm going to dye during the day,  i heard and saw that it's better, so 18 more to go!

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