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30 November 2011

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012!!

So living abroud I do not get to watch a lot of my American shows however I was going crazy knowing I was missing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!! I going youtube crazy & trying to google pictures & searching & asking people where can I watch it so desperate enough to ask a friend to record it for me and mail it on a thumb drive. My youtube search paid off & someone posted the show (I know It wasn't for me) just for me!! So excited, one of thousands, millions of girls who tune in and watch the show & secretly dream of angel wings, I dream about how much lingerie I'm going to own in the near future & strut around my house naked! which I do have by the way have wings it's invisible.

 Here are full runway clips of the show!

                 Below my top 4 favorite segement of the Victoria Secret Fashion show 2011-2012

I love how love was in the air that night, Orlnado Bloom looking at his wife Miranda Kerr just thinking you look goood after just having my baby!
& Maroon 5's Adam Lavin with his lady supermodel Anne V walking her down then kissing her... so sweet what a sexy body and lingerie does to a man.

& the phone rings" hello gym! I'm coming in" lol enjoy sexy dolls

                           Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
                      "I Put A Spell On You"

(I love when they talk about the lingerie in the begining then the show starts)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
                                "Club Pink"
Nicki Minaj performance

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
                            "Angels Aquatic"
Performance by Maroon 5

( Love it when Adam Lavine walks down the runway with his girlfriend
Also the Million doller bra on Miranda Kerr)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 

( Love the inspiration for this segment, the lingerie was so beautiful)

My family & friends always hear me say if I could walk around in lingerie and heels all day I would!! lol


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