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23 February 2012

My journey to Premiere Vision in Paris

All I wanted to do at Premiere Vision was bury my self in the fabrics. For a up and coming designer, it's a  dream to go to Premiere Vision and build relationships with the different vendors that come from all over the world. That was the beautiful thing for me to see so many people, all sorts of fabrics and hearing people's interpretations of what you can do with the fabrics. Seeing the fall/winter2012 (last minute add on for designers)spring/summer 2013 & fall/winter 2013/14 was breath taking. It was a three day event, however I did a day there and we made up for the two days that we did not go. Let me tell you that place was my gym! There was no need to work out for a week after that!

The one that really struck out was Seduction s/s 2013. It was romantic, a fantasy, and had cultures infused in the prints. Tribal prints, garden crops, mosaic landscape, Jacquard in wool or knit that varies in color and size. Basket woven, knit tweed, new vegetable fibers, plastic, lace, also lace in plastic (which I got to see at Culotte boutique) Lace of-course here to stay for 4/6 seasons. Laser cut out/ holes (Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 collection is a good reference to see this displayed for laser cut outs).

"Indigo"  section which is Fall/Winter 2013-2014 was full of surprises, a lot of things repeating and staying for a few more season to come, however how they change things to make them new is incredible. Very creative prints from vendors & a section of fashion books was really nice to see.

"Pulsation" didn't interest me as much, but my interest has nothing to do with it, that is one of the things you  learn as when becoming  fashion designer. Sometimes the client wants something in a certain fabric and you has a designers have to stay true to your aesthetic while working with these new fabrics, to please your client and challenge your self. There were a lot of new fabrics that I thought "wow that's amazing"-the fast drying fabrics, fabrics that do not need lining at all!! a few contemporary designers are starting to step away from using lining in their garments. Fabrics that change into different colors after you touch them, as well as new techno outter wear fabrics. There was a section of "Pulsation" that was fascinating and that was lingerie fabrics & corsets.

"Relax" was urban wear, suits for men, jeans, dyes, new approaches for washing, rain coats, out door wear, velvet touches, ethical prints & textures, double face fabrics, techno wool, scuba effects with tech fabrics.  We saw at Fall/Winter 2012 Mens Fashion Week the dandified look in serious and relaxed styles,more relaxed styles but still refined. It is going to be refreshing to see men look well dressed every day. The fabrics that designers are using, the cuts and the tailored look in ready to wear for men, the designers are acting as the personal stylist themselves. Everything looks clean cut for S/S-A/W 2012 & S/S 2013

The Distilled Workwear style that designers are doing for men, is that country style, free of nostalgia, linen, cotton 100%, synthetic, glued welded, laser cut outs, lazy chic, urban, pale tones, jackets/trouser tailored cuts, also some contemporary casual pieces sewn like sports wear.

We finished with seeing "Special Dernieres" which is a sure sell for 3 more years, the leather, furs, shoes, & accessories. Premiere Vision is a designers play ground that is taking seriously. So if you can invest into coming next year! boutiques, buyers, designers, stylist...come all!

Look how big this place is!!!

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