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12 February 2012

Whitney Houston's mentor Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala 2012-where we first heard Whitney Houston

Clive Davis introduced Whitney at his Pre-Grammy Gala and now saying good bye at his Gala. 

Though mourning the death of Whitney Houston that , Clive Davis allowed the show to go on at his annual Grammys party Saturday night.

'In a weird way it's appropriate, the show must go on. I think Whitney would have wanted that to happen. ... Tonight I think we begin to celebrate and remember.'

Houston was supposed to appear at the gala, and Davis had told The Associated Press that she would perhaps perform: 'It's her favorite night of the year ... who knows by the end of the evening,' he said. ( So tragic found died after this statement)

Alicia Keys comforting Clive Davis  outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles where 48-year-old Houston was found dead.

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