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14 March 2012

Amla Hair Oil: First time use

 I have natural hair and it's gets hard to manage a lot of curls sometimes,  i'm constantly looking up ways to keep my hair soft and healthy. I make own conditioners, shampoos, face treatments, and face & body scrubs with things straight my nature! I love buying different types of oil and mixing them and seeing which works best for me, I just love experimenting with my hair. So I just bought Amla oil, it's my first time using Amla hair oil. It has all these nutrients that is so good for the hair.

The down fall for me is that it darkens your hair after a few more uses and I just bought Henne to dye my hair a chestnut brown, so wonder how that will work...womp womp...

While my hair was straighten  I massaged the amla oil in my scalp and all over my hair, after I wrapped my hair, covered it and slept on it. This morning I washed it with this natural mango shampoo I bought and put a little hair balm to tame my hair lol 
( I give it a few more hours for the conditioner to not have this tamed effect going on here, I'll take pictures of my hair tomorrow, you'll see the madness..grrrr)

My hair is so soft right now ( My hair is usually soft) but it gets hard to comb through once my hair is not wet, and right now I can run my fingers through my curls. 
 I'm going to continue to use and see the results, the one time use was amazing. It's suppose to strengthen the hair and help the ends of the hair, which I need because I still have blond in my ends  and it can get very dry. Especially with curly hair, it's hard to recognize split ends.

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