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11 March 2012

The Old Love on your runway called life

On this runway called life we meet a special someone that we fall in love with, or grow to care about very much. However what we think must last forever comes to an end, for what ever reason  it may be between the couple.

 If it did not hurt, we would not be human, and it hurts even more once you think you are over the person or moved on, you find out  they have someone else in there life and it brings back all the unwanted feelings you stored away.

 I know I suppress everything in, I don't really get over it. Then some thing pops up and I'm down a bit about the old situation, only because I wasn't strong enough to deal with it in the first place. The older I get the more I realize how much my suppressed  emotions  that pop up here and there hurt others on my journey in life. It's unfair to me and others around me, they do not have to deal with my frustrations from the past because that's where it belongs, in the past.

It's to late with old beloveds, but it does not mean it ends right there, it hurts to think that old love has moved on but it's your turn too. It's okay to mourn an old love, it doesn't make you look like a fool, instead it makes you stronger. Love your self and do not put your self down during the process of getting over a beloved, do not think that you are not good enough, if anything you're better and sexy and intelligent, you're amazing.

This time apart allows you to better your self for the next one that comes into your life, to cherish the new love more. This "break up and get back together" roller coaster is so unhealthy and gets you to dead ends; is it really better the 7th time around? I know a few couples that got back together the second time around and got married, only because their time apart made them cherish each other more and think about ways to improve themselves and the relationship to last through bad times and good times.

If you're in the process of getting over an old love and you care so much it's okay to love them from a distance. But if you're the one that ran away don't get mad when they move on, that's what you wanted, so do the same. Don't let jealousy/or insecurities cloud your judgement on why you broke up in the first place. Hey who knows after the grey clouds have past maybe there is hope, but let them past and also take care of your self and do not do anything foolish.

 You might miss your first love, but God  might have your true love on your runway, making the rest of the journey in life wonderful. Smile about the old good times, take the good from the old love, the lesson learned and become better then the person you were when things got  messy with the old beloved. Just do not dwell on the past.

xoxo keep it moving.


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