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09 May 2012

Lap top photo shoot: After blow dry natural hair

So I wanted to share these quick silly photos with you of my natural hair ( needed a little break from studying). I've been having fun doing natural remedies for hair and taking care of my hair.

So this is me after a quick blow dry ( before the miracle of the flat iron!) and the progress of my hair ;)

I would have to say the biggest challenge is my ends! because I use to be blond and the blond is still at the ends, I just put brown Indian dye Henna,  I also had to buy a chocolate colored natural dye as well. So because of the color! Its all about moisture! especially when my hair is curly. That why I love my at home natural remedies!

I rarely now put heat in my hair (heat protection spray all the time when I do), it's always curly out or mostly in a bun to protect my ends.

My hair is so heavy ..didnt want too but I think  i'm about to go and flat iron this bad girl! lol

No makeup!..sorry didn't mean to blind any one! lol ( seriously though I need to start wearing makeup, I'm just so lazy when it comes to it! smh)

-Bisou Dolls-