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Coco Chanel
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27 November 2012

Hadascha Inc Luxury Resort/Travel Collections 2013

Hello Dolls,

I've been away for awhile, however for a good cause! My resort collection!

I love traveling and coming back from Paris has really opened my eyes and heart to want to travel more. I live in the 1950s, 1960s and sometimes 1980s constantly taking inspiring from these eras. I love the Indian (India) and Middle eastern cultures and always take inspiration from there.  I rarely follow trends, I look at the timeless pieces in each collection or trend that season so it can last forever. Styling is very important to me. I love to have fun with fashion and take risk and push it each time with classic pieces. Sexy and conservative are always in the same sentence when it comes to dressing/styling for me.

People that know me, everytime they see something that I put on they always say only you. Strangers come up to me and say I wouldn't figure to put those together in a outfit. The funny part is I dont think about what I'm going to wear. I don't go through the "What am I going to wear " thought process, I just throw on, and so some odd reason people love it lol  hmmm lol

My resort/travel wear are inspired my fictitious stories that I come up with (I'm sometimes writing some short story besides drawing)that take my characters to exotic places and build their wardrobe. This collection is inspired  Marilyn Monroe and Tony Montana (Scarface) are married and go take a trip to Labadee, Haiti. I build her wardrobe, with classic pieces from the 50s, 60s & 80s and fabrics that are fashion forward.

Most of my collections will be inspired by Characters that excite me and locations that are always amazing. I want my clientele to step into the story and make it their own, to have fun with fantasies in reality. I love sex appeal, while having mystery in each garment in my collection. My garments are a gift from me to my ladies.

 To see view the preview of my resort capsule collection visit WWW.HADASCHA.COM
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"Get Ready Monroe Dress"

 "Marry me Monroe Dress"

 "Let's Go Tony Jumpsuit"
 "Tell Me Tony Dress"

 "The Tony Bathingsuit"

 "The Tony Dress"

 "Tony Top" & "Tony Shorts"

I told you I've been away for a good reason!