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03 September 2013

Hadascha "The Girl from Ipanema goes to Haiti" The short story behind the collection

Every collection has a short story behind it, that I am inspired by. Every conversation, every tear, smile, laugh, kiss is played in my head and I come up with a collection on what would a "Hadascha" lady be doing, saying, and ofcourse wearing! on vacation, a summer night,  a spring day. All of these moments and thoughts just run through my mind.

I take two people and put them together and make a story, I make a scene and that story comes alive on the runway and clientele make it their own story.

This one is "The Girl from Ipanema goes to Haiti and is with Toussaint" However I imagined him to be or look like. It's my own version of Toussaint Louverture.  The last story was "Marilyn Monroe is married to Tony Montana" Collection. (How cool would that be!)

Here is the story clip of a scene

"I flew to Haiti a week ago, from Ipanema, Brazil, to see the love of my life, Toussaint. It’s been a week of pure bliss with him, from glorious beaches, grand hotels, intimate dining. The summer of 1965 was all I dreamed of and more. Just when I thought I was seducing him with my eyes, lips, and body language, his presence lured me into his sweet command.
One evening in Jacmel, Haiti heading to dinner on the beach, Toussaint turned and looked at me and said “ Cherie you are wonderfully and beautifully made”
I blushed and looked up at him  “My love, are you happy with the Hadascha dress you bought me?” Toussaint answered, “It compliments your curves and feels luxurious, I need to have more Hadascha dresses made, if this is the outcome” he said grinning, leading the way to dinner. “The night is envious of you my little Ipanema, the sun wants to come back to see you and shine on you, for now we’ll eat by the ocean, I love when the waves scream you name.”

As I leaned to kiss him, he whispered, “Whatever happens, leave the Hadascha dress on” I whispered back “I have a Hadascha bathing suit underneath.”
Toussaint held me in his arms, leaning back smiling said “Don’t be selfish let me see, my little Ipanema. ”



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