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Coco Chanel
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09 October 2013

Behind the Lens: Unedited photos of the Campaign for Hadascha Luxury Resort Wear

I love sharing snippets of behind the scenes photos that are unedited and a bit messy. A lot of women look at photos that are airbrushed and touched up, and they want to have perfect skin like these women. Though a lot of them do have beautiful faces and skin, it doesn't mean that they don't have to be a bit touched up for a photo. So with your makeup or with out your makeup your beautiful! and your sexiest curve is your smile! and that walk! make it Fierce! ;) 

 I want to share a few pictures that are candid, unedited & raw! This is the shoot we did of me for the Campaign of Hadascha Luxury Resort Wear. My hair puffed up due to the humidity, the wind played in our favor sometimes! It was a crazy fun day-I have a darling photographer boo! He did a remarkable job.


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