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14 October 2013

kreyolicious.com: Fashion Designer Hadascha Brutus On Having Drive and Passion

Check out this interview I did with Kreyolicious.com

Hadascha Brutus always dreamed of becoming an attorney. But even as a little girl, she was smitten by fashion. She loved dressing up her Barbie dolls. She would scribble little fashion doodles on her homework—a special touch her teachers didn’t find too amusing.
For practically every special project assignment she had in school, she always found a way to incorporate fashion here and there—somehow! And when she was dressing for school, she got supercreative with pieces. Somehow, fashion had made it into the innermost coils of her DNA, without her realizing it.
Now, the Massachusetts-born fashion diva is the mistress of ceremonies behind her own fashion line, aptly called Hadascha. From Las Vegas Fashion Week to Miami Fashion Week, Hadascha’s presence is impossible to overlook. The pieces are flashy, without being overly flamboyant. They are made for the fashionable girl, who loves to stand out and appear to be at the height of sophistication.
Right: Fashion designer Hadascha Brutus wearing her own designs.

Growing up, did you feel comfortable with a name like Hadascha, which is by no means common.
I was picked on for my name, when I was younger. But as I grew older, I saw a positive reaction to my name in high school, college, and work. I love how my name starts a conversation, but by high school I loved my name. It was different.
But I bet you are grateful that you didn’t have to go too far for a name for your collection. Did you think of other possibilities or was Hadascha the one and only possibility.
I did play on the idea of a different name, besides my birth name. The funny thing is, people already think I made up my name “Hadascha” for my brand. So I am happy that my family picked out a name for me that is strange yet timeless for a name of a brand, as if they knew what career path I was about to get into.
You obviously design with your fans in mind. Where else do you find inspirations for your design?
Every collection has a fictional story behind it—either a love story or an empowering story. I don’t know how not to design without my consumers in mind. Every collection is personal; my collection is a gift from me to my future clientele. I want the women to look sexy and classy on vacation—to have fun in a Hadascha garment. I look at iconic ladies that look amazing whether on stage, in a movie, in a music video, or a type of a lady a song describes. I write a story around that and place her in beautiful countries around the world. From there, I want a clientele to make that story her own story and experience.

Read the rest of the interview here!  http://kreyolicious.com/fashion-designer-hadascha-brutus-on-having-drive-and-passion/12883/

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