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01 October 2013

So here is the crazy! Once Upon a Mind...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Johnny & Rose: Scene 4 or chapter 3

Johnny: Throws whiskey glass at the door barely missing Rose

Rose: "Screams" as she jumps towards the bed her hands covering her face as one or two tears glides down her cheek

(Johnny turns around and takes two steps and pauses in disgust of himself)

(The  family at the vacation home wakes up in fear, the cousins of Rose and their husbands walked quietly yet swiftly to Roses's room)

Rose turns to Johnny: "My love let me clean this up for you" Rose kneels on the floor and starts to pick up the pieces of glass off the floor

Rose's cousin: knocks on door with her husband anxiously waiting behind her "Rose (pause) is everything okay" as she pushes the door open, she sees Rose kneeling down picking up glass pieces.

Rose looking up confidence mutters "Everything is fine love, just a little messy in here that's all."

Rose's cousin: "Well let me help you clean up the mess" as she looks at Rose worrying with her pity eyes.

Exactly what Rose, hated pity!!

(Rose's cousin husband stands by the door staring at Johnny drinking his whiskey by the balcony door)

Johnny turns his head to the side: "I want you out"

(Rose kneeling still, glides her hands down her body, clinches on to her chiffon dress in anger)

Rose: "Me leave" she says in a deep flustered tone. " You get out! you and your drinks" she screams "You get out" from the top of the lungs.

(Rose's cousin exists room)

(Rose swirls with her dress and turns to Johnny with despair on her face)

Johnny: "Fine I'm leaving, I can't take the sight of you." Johnny grabs his suitcase, starts throwing his clothes inside

Rose: In a cat like voice "I thought you would put your drinks in first" she says in controlled breaths "Aren't you going to make love to me before you leave"

Johnny: "I can barely look at you, you expect me to get in bed with you"

Rose: "It doesn't need to be in a bed Johnny." Rose throws herself towards Johnny "Darling touch me"

Johnny grabs Rose's arms with  a tight grip: "What do you not understand woman,  I don't want you"

(He pushes Rose away from him he runs into the bathroom and slams the door)

Rose: "It's rude of you to leave with out making love to me" pause "You're mine do you hear me" she raises her voice

Johnny: "You're making yourself look like a fool" behind the bathroom door his heart is breaking but Rose can't hear it

Rose: "I don't care, I'll look like a fool for you"

(Johnny opens the bathroom door in anger)

Johnny:"Woman leave me alone!"

Rose: "I married you till death do us part! I meant every  word you drunken fool"  pause " you want me to leave you alone then kill me."

Johnny grabs Rose firmly: "Don't tempt me"

(Rose wraps her arm around his toned body and shed a tear on his defined chest)

Rose: "Oh darling, kill me, make love to me, do one of those two but don't leave our marriage behind" she says between tears

Johnny: "Is that what you want a dick in you" he raise his voice.

Rose: "I want your dick in me, if you're offering"

Johnny: "I'm not offering, go find another, and get off of me" Johnny shoves her away and leans on the love chair.

(Rose kneels on the chair facing him)

(Johnny looks at her) "What?" he says in a tired rasped voice." I don't want you Rose, not now, not ever"

(Rose stares at Johnny) "Your words are evil, but it's the alcohol poisoning your mind, you love me I know it, I see it in your eyes."

Johnny: "Maybe you're drinking too because there is no love in my eyes for you only for whiskey, so leave me alone"

Rose: "Then stop looking at  me like that, as if you want to make love to my 35, 24, 37 frame (smirking) you're tempted, you miss me, you miss my warmth, no whiskey in the world can compare to what I have to offer."

Johnny:"Then why did I turn to drinking and not you"


Rose: "Johnny baby you can run, I'll still be yours, so run baby, run far and fast in your mind but i'm yours." she says with a snarling attitude.

(Johnny grips Rose's arms in anger)

Rose:"Johnny you're staring at me with love"

(Johnny lets go of Rose and looks at his suitcase. He glances the room, then he walks over to the bedroom bar and pours himself a glass of whiskey. )

 What you have read is raw, unedited, unfinished and unapologetic
-Sasha Anonymous

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