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Coco Chanel
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02 October 2013

Spotlight: Kim Kardashian post-baby body!! in Givenchy 2014

Kim Kardashian looks stunning in this Givenchy dress.  She attended the fashion show in Paris! Sexy Mama! 
If anything some moms need to dress more sexy going out with their man (not slutty! sexy!)- 
Sometimes moms are so boring after they have kids-they let themselves go-
The heels get traded in for sweatpants and sneakers-the beautiful hair is traded for a boring pony tail or for a soccer mom hat. There are different ways to be cute on a day to day basis. 
 Wear your soccer mom hat with jeans, heels, and lipstick!

I love my mother for being a great example of style and class after children! It's possible stop the excuses!

photo: kim's instagram


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  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees to her bod!