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Coco Chanel
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11 June 2014

Crown Thou Self With Roses: Beautiful Summer 2014 Hair Accessory "The Rose Crown"

I love this hair accessory so much. Not just because I'm obbessed with roses and flowers but because The Rose Crown accessory brings a soft feminine touch to a woman. It brings a radiant innocence, it naturally makes you smile and it brings a slight smile to others looking at the rose crown. A Rose Crown draws people in with out realizing it. It's a natural feeling of jubliee, that same feeling you get when you watch a little niece, or litle cousin, little daughter playing with roses or has a pretty hair accessory on; people natually say "awwww". Well a Rose Crown makes you want to say "awww that's pretty, nice, cute, etc" It also makes you look 99% good lol but oh that 1% lol

I found pretty examples of the Rose/Flower Crown big and small but oh so pretty! I love roses!

This photo shows you how to create an easy rose crown!

I love Lana!

            Oh there I am with my small Rose Crown on my natural curls, it was a good curl day that day.
Hello Dolls and Gents!

                                                                                    Be Rosie!


  1. Very Pretty. It reminds me of the Garden of Eden but also of the Laurel wreaths that would crown the ancient battle & olympic victors. I guess the look works better for the girls than it does for the guys now. ;-)