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13 July 2015

The Rush! What's the Rush?!!! House of Nicolas Wedding

The rushed version!!

Me: Hi I'm coming down to Miami
Him: Oh okay for what?
Me. A funeral my family is attending...but I'm not going.
Him: Oh lets chill
Me: Okay sounds good. I'll let you know when I get there.

And as they say the rest was history!!!! lol

Actually I was getting over a breakup and my family didn't want to leave me alone, so they dragged me down to Miami. However, little did I know I would be going on a date with my future king.

Now lets rewind. A couple years prior, I met a nice woman at church that was visiting. One night, after a church revival (a couple months later) as my mother and I dropped her off at home. In the car she turned to us and said I would love your daughter for my son...I would love for her to be my daughter in law.

So! What is going on in my head at this point  "Oh how sweet, never going to happen! I'm not getting married till I'm 30!" Little did I know. God knew the plans.

The nice woman called her son and said I have a girl for you his reply was " You always have someone for me leave me alone" So she asked him next time you visit me come to church with me.

He came to church. She asked him "who do you see?" and he pointed at me. She replied " and you say I have no taste" lol

So we went on two dates that were okay but nothing stuck. So he went his way and  I went my way.

But my mother in law knew lol I have the best Mother in law ever!

Now lets Fast forward to my breakup, couple years later. I prayed to God for 7 weeks for a His will in my life. So now here comes the hurt, my relationship went sour fast and we broke up just as fast. God answers prayers, just not the way we want them to be answered. But I'm grateful for my past relationships, God brings good people in your life for good reasons. Just for seasons though.

Then I met my not so successful date again, which turned out to be my king. What God wants will  happen if you let go and allow Him to work.

March 2015

Him: Babe I'm coming to see you, we are going to the court house.

My thoughts: This guy just skipped the whole proposal process lol

Me: Oh okay babe. Aren't you going to ask me to marry you?

Him: I just did.

Our families reaction were of joy and confusing.

What is the rush? Is she pregnant?

Us: No, we're not pregnant.

Him: I'm going to marry her. I love her.

Me. I said yes, It was a weird yes because I didn't get asked in a way, but I said yes! I love him lol

Them: You have our blessings.

There is God's time and then there is human time. His time is perfect.

July 5th 2015 we got married before our families and loved ones!

All I can say is to God be the Glory and pray for your future mate.

There is nothing wrong keeping your relationship private. Not everything needs to be broadcasted about your relationship... get to know the person...then share.

Now their is a surprise twist in our surprise wedding. smirk!

My wedding dress was designed by me under House of Hadascha. I went for a European classic style/ Middle eastern feel. The gold symbolized God putting me through a refining process. The dress  was sewn by my fashion college professor, Daphny Dalge, which meant so much to me.  My glam squad was amazing Hair by Nekia Foxx Makeup by Erwin Chatelier.

My love, My Heart

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  1. Gorgeous Woman for a Gorgeous Man with a Gorgeous Future in the hands of the Lord Almighty :) Love ya babycakes :*