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29 December 2016

Whose your protector? mini thoughts

 So my daughter did something today. that to most would seem minute, but it had me thinking who do we run too?

A person my husband knows, went to touch Dassi's toy that she was playing with, and she crawled so fast ( past me lol) and went to straight to her dad and sat between his leg on the floor, she looked up at her dad, looked at me and then the guy, while proceeding to scoot back and look at the guy through her dad's legs.

I thought how amazing, that know one taught her to go to a male figure for protection. She just automatically went to her dad.

I just thought, a lot of men do not realize their importance in a house. The secure feeling that their presence provides in a child and as the man of the house, leads to a stronger foundation of stability in a kid and a healthy relationship with their wife/mother of their shild. When a man takes away that safety net, that protection in the house, it leads to crazines, to madness...no one is happy.

Yes it takes a lot from you, but that is what you signed up for the moment you got married or put a child in someone. It's selfless! and that's the root of the problem to many self centered people getting married and having children. Asking "what about me" what about you? Who forgot you? No one asked to be created. So share your dreams with your child and partner( if you're with them) or just your child.

I say remove your self if you are a toxic soul and might be damaging to your family more then helpful.

Yes a woman/man can hold it down by herself, but when two power heads link up to raise a human, you could be raising someone that could change the world....

A lot of words to formulate, so much to say on this topic...but are you someone to run too?

Yes of course I run to God for everything, I rely on Him for all my needs and wants. But are you going to God or someone to ask on how to be that better protector for your child...man or woman.

Because I know it's hard and you feel like you're not good enough...But you are!!  you're the right fit for your little one...I say thanks to family for telling me these words almost everyday when it gets overwhelming...God gave you that perfect/imperfect being just for you.

I applaud the men who show up for their children as their confidant, because they know it's their duty.

I'm praying for those men/woman to find strength in being that rock for their child(ren).
Pray for Dassi's parents too.

~Mini thought done~ 

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