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22 May 2017

My short stories. David and Lucy.

These short stories are my vulnerable spot. This is unedited. Very Raw. Very Unfinished. Thoughts and words coming together. So enjoy the read. 

David: Oh goodness here she comes in the living room, let me pretend to read the paper.

David crosses his legs on his favorite love seat. This chair was passed down from five generations of hard working men.  His father gave it to him as a house-warming gift; the moment he bought the house for his family.

Lucy: David, are you going to help me with the children? I need help please.

David: Do you not see me doing something?  I am busy Lucy.

Lucy: I slaved all day, David, please help me put them to bed that’s all I’m asking from you.

David: Oh my goodness (with a chuckle) I cannot take this right now, I am leaving, I just sat here to relax and you are bothering me about children. Go put them to bed, there is only five of them.

Lucy: Did I climb on top of myself and make them by myself. You have not put them to sleep since they were babies. That’s all I am asking David, at least put the baby to sleep.

David: I’ll see you later, do not wait up for me, you’ll do great putting them to sleep.

Lucy stares at David with tears in her eyes of exhaustion. This man that she loves so much, she doesn’t remember when he became so cold towards her.

David: You need rest your self; you look tired.

The next morning:

David comes in the house at seven am. Happy and whistling. He pours himself coffee and makes his way to his bedroom.  He opens the door to see Carly, in the bed.

David: Carly, wake up! what is going on? why are you here? where is my wife? How did you get in?

David runs to the children bedrooms and sees them all empty except one, the one where his daughter with Carly was sleeping. David stands there confused; he turns slowly, as he looks at Carly in the hallway.

David: Where is lucy? Is this some joke? (screaming)

Carly: You have a wife named Lucy? Are you okay David?

David: How did you get in?

Carly: What are you talking about? You left me the keys, you told me where in the text. Seriously David, are you okay? The house is gorgeous David. I cannot believe you bought this for us.

David: I did what? What text?

Carly hands over the phone to David; David reads the text messages confused. Wondering what is happening with his life in a blink of an eye.

David throws Carly’s phone screaming: I did not write this to you!

Carly: David please calm down, you’re going to wake up the baby.

David: I’m going to call my wife

Carly: What wife are you talking about?

David: Carly I’m married, with five other children, so I need to find my wife.

Carly: but what about our life, our family, and us.

David: you’re just another part of me; I’m not doing this with you right now, I need to find my wife and kids.

Carly: But you have a daughter with me, so you did not buy this house for us and you have a whole other life outside of me and your daughter. You’re a sick man David.

David and Carly stare at each other in disgust, as David dials Lucy’s number.

Lucy picks up the phone

With a bit of sadness she answers “Hello”

David: Is this some sick joke! Where are you and the kids? What did you do? What is going on? How did you know about Carly and the baby? Dammit Lucy! Where are you?

Choking up with tears, Lucy’s words were few: Goodbye David

David: Lucy stop it! Where are you? Where are my kids? Baby Please!

As David screams in the phone with only the dial tone to respond back at him

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